Welcome Rookie

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to be a PI at CRIA? Well, let me tell you, that PI badge you’re flashing around ain’t worth the money you used to bribe that idiot downtown. That PI For Dummies book you skimmed won’t prepare you for even your first hour on the job. So sit down, buckle up, shut up, and maybe you’ll make it back for day two.

We here at the Cross-Reality Investigation Agency work in places beyond your wildest dreams. Or more accurately, your wildest nightmares. We are the only agency licensed to travel outside this reality, so every day will be different. You’ll go from the wild untamed Deadlands one day, to the dirty underbelly of the Spanish Main the next. If it’s got a nice side, you can bet you won’t be seeing it.

Still here? Still think this is the job for you? Well, put your thumb here for DNA storage and show up tomorrow at 7U sharp.

Using Savage Worlds and its different settings, this will be an investigation based game where the players travel between worlds, following clues and solving mysteries. A combat light game, focusing on skill challenge-type encounters. The basic idea came from “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” meets “Sliders”.

Cross-Reality Investigation Agency